2016 New York Anti-Bullying Seminar: Dignity For All Students Act

Since the release of the Dignity for All Students Act last 2012, the 2016 New York Anti-Bullying Seminar becomes interested in its upgrade. The importance of the law characterized by a concept of tolerance, dignity, and respect for others become the primary center of the discussion. Within the scope of the seminar, the awareness and sensitivity in relations to the victim and the bully’s condition appear to be the emphasis.

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Widen Scope

The section 2801 amendment targets and includes sexual orientation where the specification of sexes and gender identity becomes equally valued on the list of possible causes of intense bullying. Aside from common ones such as race, ethnicity, and physical appearance, religion, and religious practice also become part of the extensive section of the most viewed cause of harassment. Altogether, the possible outcome of the unwanted bullying reaches its far-known integration of the mental health condition not only on the victim’s part but also on the bully as well. This particular scenario raised a whole new level of attention to all concern people and organizations. That’s perhaps the reason why the amendment rushes to its significant changes.

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The School’s Role

The Dignity Act amendment tends to represent the school’s policy and responsibility. They are held liable for gathering and reporting data regarding alleged incidents and cases of harassment, discrimination, and bullying. It becomes the sole obligation of the school to control and reduce the risk of having an unfriendly environment and provide children the opposite of the latter. The school must present training to school employees as well so they can master proper handling of such behavioral instances.

Bullying is never acceptable. A lot of things appears to be affected by it and sometimes causes severe damage to people’s mental and emotional aspect.  The act is one way to defy bullying.

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