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Ways To Stop Bullying During This Pandemic

Bullying is a widespread problem, and it can take a toll on an individual’s self-confidence as well as physical and emotional aspects. In this time of the pandemic, a lot of people are suffering from bullying, especially those people that have a related Coronavirus issue. Since most individuals want to blame a specific race, the emotional, physical, and mental abuse heightens. So what do you do if ever you belong to the ones who are being bullied? Here are some ways that can help you protect yourself from harm, boost your self-confidence, and find help.

Remember That Bullying Is Not Your Fault

Honestly, there are multitudes of reasons why bullies bully other people, and these have nothing to do with you. Most likely, it has a lot to do with their personal issues. Some bullies are emotionally and mentally struggling that they often find bullying an outlet to get rid of their suffering. So if you are being bullied, always remember that it is not your fault. Do not think of yourself as a loser based on your bullies’ description of you. You will only end up viewing an inaccurate portrait of who you are. If you want to fight the negative effect of your bullies torment, you need to work on appreciating the unique qualities that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Surround Yourself With People Who Care About You

Bullies often target individuals who they know are vulnerable and alone. That is why you need to build an army and surround yourself with people that can protect and care for you. These individuals should accept you for who you are. When you are with the right set of friends, who are willing to stand up for you, bullies will have a hard time finding reasons to hurt you. It is essential that you feel safe and secured around people. It will help you maintain a better environment that can boost your self-esteem. So always remember to stick with your friends.

Ignore The Bullies And Never Associate With Them

Ignoring bullies is one of the recommended things that you should follow. It is an anti-bully tactic that works best for a lot of situations. Understand that most of the time bullies bully you because they want to get reactions. They need to validate their capabilities because they know inside them; they are incapable of a lot of things. They rely on bullying because they want to cover or hide their weaknesses. They seek attention because they do not often receive the kind that builds their emotional and mental well-being. So next time you encounter bullies, ignore them. The second you feel overwhelmed and unsafe, find a way to remove yourself from the situation. Because if they don’t receive any response, they will eventually get bored and move on.

Find Someone To Talk To And Speak Out

If you experience bullying, you need to speak out. Find the right persons to talk to if you feel unhappy, unsafe, and uncomfortable with the situation. Seek for someone who you can trust. These can be your close friends, a parent, a teacher, or a guidance counselor. You need to open up and tell them what is going on. You are not the only one coping and experiencing an unfortunate case of bullying, so you need to be brave enough to share your experience so others can know and do something about it. Always remember that there are people out there who are willing to help and support you. You need to extend an arm and reach out for their help and support.

How To Handle Know-It-Alls

I had trouble deciding whether I should attend the 2017 General Health Conference or not. Although all the topics the panelists were supposed to cover enticed me, I was not fond of some people who were to go to the same event. They were arrogant and insensitive, always acting like they were smarter or better than you. A bunch of Know-It-Alls, as people might say.

But then, a friend gave me food for thought: “You cannot fight fire with fire.” That’s how I decided to do the following:



Keep Your Cool

The first thing you should do is to chill. I know how frustrating it must be to talk to a Mr. or Ms. Know-It-All or at least be near them. But you cannot lose your cool around such people because: 1) it won’t affect them at all, and 2) they are not worthy of any attention. 

Stop Trying To Prove Them Wrong

It is ridiculous how some people get upset whenever Know-It-All talks and then try to argue with them. It would be best if you never do that since it entails that you are stooping down to their level. Besides, they typically cannot accept the truth from others, so your efforts may be futile. 



Avoid Them If You Can

The best advice that I can give you is to keep your distance from everyone who claims to know everything. If they try to engage you, excuse yourself politely or come up with a believable alibi. It is not that you are afraid of getting one-upped by them; you merely want to avoid stress and impending conflicts, especially if you are not in the mood for games.

Final Thoughts

All of us are acquainted with a certain Mr. or Ms. Know-It-All; no one is lucky enough not to meet at least one in this lifetime. If you are at wit’s end while thinking of how to handle them, remember everything mentioned above. Good luck!

Getting Rid Of Your Bullying Habits

“I am a bully.” That’s what I realized when I attended the 2019 Bullying Prevention Event some time ago.

I merely went to that conference to avoid needing to take my final exams for my Humanities subject. I did not expect to come to that realization. But when I accepted it, I looked for ways to get rid of my bullying habits.

Here’s what I gathered.



Know All The Signs

From the get-go, you should learn about the different signs of bullying. Conduct online research or attend seminars as I have — do anything that will allow the information to sink in your brain. This way, you can no longer say that you don’t know that you are already bullying someone. 

Catch Yourself In The Act

A lot of former bullies can tell you that the urge to talk smack about someone will always be there. Though they may have pushed it at the back of their minds, it is still there. 

What often helps these people from reverting to their old ways is their self-awareness. They catch themselves as they are about to say something they cannot take back. No harm is done.



Focus On Everyone’s Positive Sides

Everyone has a perception of what’s right or wrong. The only difference between bullies and non-bullies is that the former mainly focuses on the negative things they see. They do not give the center of their judgment the benefit of the doubt.

If you want to get rid of your bullying habits, you will need to look for the positive side of the folks around you. It is okay to be aware of their adverse side—that will keep you safe from awful people—but try to see them in a better light.

Final Thoughts

A year already passed since I realized that I was a bully to my friends, siblings, and even strangers. It wasn’t my best day, but I was grateful to know about it before I could hurt someone deeply. Now, I try to see the goodness in everyone daily and use positive words when I talk to others. My resolve is still not perfect, but I believe I’m getting there.

In case you have bullying habits, I hope you overcome them soon, too. Good luck!

How COVID-19 Contributes To Cyberbullying

With all the media information we receive, we are aware that the Coronavirus comes from a specific country. We understand the danger it gives us because of the unusual and first-ever strict global safety measures we have to follow. Admit it. We know the situation, but not all of us are considerate enough to make significant sacrifices and adjustments. Perhaps that is because not everybody is capable of making some life changes. So due to the complicated and exhausting effects of this threatening situation, we look for things, or rather persons, to blame.


Since there is a global lockdown, people are spending most of their time on social media platforms. It is people’s way of entertaining themselves and getting sorts of information at the same time. But we can’t help but notice all the cyberbullying across all nations pin-pointing the whole phenomena to the Chinese community. We sometimes see comments and posts, such as “Chinese people are disgusting because they eat all types of animals.” Others point out that the spread of the virus won’t be a thing if Chinese people did not consider eating bats at their tables. Well, to be honest, there might be truth to this. However, the unacceptable part is the way how everybody is treating and generalizing the Chinese community.


From Cyber Bullying To Racism

After the Coronavirus outbreak, more and more people are tuned into cyberbullying. All their hatreds and anger reflect their comments on a specific post on social media. There is no stopping their emotional agony because the situation is getting worse every day. But as the virus spread, cyberbullying opens a new door for another attack – racism. The virus outbreak becomes a curse to the Chinese community because they are now threatened, judged, hated, and discriminated. In some worst cases, they are physically, emotionally, and mentally harmed.

Sadly, there are instances that most of us will even disregard friendship due to the idea that we have to blame someone for this unfortunate situation. We get so immature to see that the hate-infect we do to others is more damaging and unpleasant than this health crisis. We think that what we are doing is appropriate because we have to get the validation that this pandemic requires the general Chinese community’s formal apology. We get too selfish not to think that these people are also suffering from a health crisis. And now, they also need to be afraid of being themselves because we keep on implying that everything we have to sacrifice is all due to their allegedly disgusting habits.


Another heartbreaking truth is that no one of us is more than willing to defend them from others. We are not capable of saying “sorry” because we do not care about their feelings. We believe that bullying them on social media platforms is okay since we can’t personally tell it to their faces. We feel entitled to say whatever rude things we want to say to them because we have this ideology that they deserve it.


The thing with how we see this pandemic is depressing. Most of us are incapable of understanding what others feel because we are too focused only on what we are experiencing. It is not every Chinese’s’ fault that we end up in this current situation. Nobody wants this to happen, and no one wishes for this to extend for more extended periods. Try to think about it. Let us allow ourselves to be more compassionate and understanding, despite this exhausting situation. Let’s stop cyberbullying and racism because, at this stage of the crisis, we all need each other.

How To Know If You Are A Bully

Attending the 2017 Awareness on Bullying Conference has confirmed an idea in my head for years. Not all bullies are aware of how awful their behavior is towards other people. In their mind, their words and actions can help the victim become better at some point.
Despite that, everyone around bullies knows that the opposite of that is the truth. Bullying helps no one—not even the bullies themselves. It can hurt people, to the extent that they want to halt all their activities and stay cooped up in their room. Some even choose death instead of hearing another word from the bullies.



Now, if you don’t know if you are a bully, here are some telltale signs for you.
You Get In Trouble A Lot Due To Your Behavior
Whether you are at school or work, the leading authorities always want to have a chat with you regarding complaints about your behavior. You need not believe it if it has only happened once. However, considering you get summoned almost every week or month, perhaps you need to accept that something’s wrong with your actions.
You Hardly Have Real Friends
I feel the need to emphasize “real friends” because bullies tend to have a group of people backing them up. Often, though, they merely hang around in hopes of not getting bullied like others. If you get into an accident, and no one wants to come to your aid, that’s a sign that your close connections are bogus.



You Love Finding And Talking About Someone’s Weaknesses
Bullies cannot survive a day without saying something mean about someone. It does not even need to happen in person at times. You see it in people who open their social media account, browse through others’ feeds, and criticize them aloud. If you enjoy doing things like that, know that it’s a sign of bullying.

There is a thin line between constructive criticism and bullying. Aim to stay on the former’s side to avoid hurting anybody.

A Manipulative Relationship (Am I A Bully?)


“Know-it-alls may have a cluster of personality characteristics, including impulsivity, poor listening skills and an inability to read social cues. These could be symptomatic of certain mental disorders, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or narcissistic personality disorder,” says Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Linda Lewis Griffith. My husband and I are married for more than a decade now, and as far as our relationship is concerned, I never thought I would consider myself someone that tries to manipulate my partner. I know I am considerate at all times and I properly make my decisions positive as much as possible. However, complications arose recently when my husband broke down and complained about a lot of things. I was clueless even after the divorce. That’s when I questioned myself if I’m actually a bully.

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What Can I Do If I Have A Bullying Partner?

A relationship can go with the saying that “if you love someone, you’ll have to learn to accept all their imperfections.” Well, that is quite applicable to some degree. However, not all imperfections are acceptable, and most of the time it needs proper handling especially when it’s turning the relationship upside down.


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Recognizing A Controlling Bully In A Relationship


Sometimes, we often think that there’s always dominance when it comes to a relationship. The fact that most of us consider ourselves a genuine partner makes it easy for us to tolerate such actions. However, there’ll become a problem when such abuse is present, and it creates a lot of complications when our emotional, physical, and psychological aspects are at stake.

“Having a bully in the home stresses the entire family unit,” said Fran Walfish, PsyD, therapist and author of The Self-Aware Parent. “It can even strain marriages.”

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Is Your Wife A Bully?

Women are perfectionists when it comes to relationships, and as much as they want, they have this sense of responsibility to handle almost everything. They feel that they have the power to control things and use them for their benefit. However, not all women consider themselves controlling and abusive. So how would you know if you married a wife that turns out to be a bully? Here’s what you need to know. 


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A Relationship With A Bully (The Effects You May Experience) 

A relationship is something that requires your full commitment. You have to consider a lot of things and make use of the factors that make you develop your well-being. But what if you have the kind of relationship that makes you feel anxious and depressed in a lot of ways? Then perhaps it’s time that you consider the signs that you need to get out of that kind of connection.  


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