Behavioral Health: How To Turn Your Life Around After Being Bullied

People are starting to emphasize the importance of prioritizing one’s mental or behavioral health. The reason behind this is most of them are now aware that deteriorating mental health is dangerous as it can make someone suffer from a possible disorder for an extended period. Even simple stress, anxiety or trauma can already affect one’s mental condition, which is why you need to continue making an effort to feel better each day.


For today’s article, our primary focus would be about the importance of turning your life around after being bullied. At this point, it is crucial or vital to mention that any form of bullying shall not be tolerated at all. Nothing good will come out of it. Now is the ideal time to stand up against your bully and to show them why they must learn to respect you. Below are some of the effective tips on how to enjoy a better life after experiencing a series of bullying from work colleagues or even friends:

Forgive The Bully

Find it deep in your heart to forgive the person who caused you pain, even if you believe that they are not sorry about what happened. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to take the high road and be a mature person. Remember that holding a grudge against anyone is never a good idea. Instead, learn how to be more forgiving even all the negative experiences you went through.

Focus On You

Take some time to notice all the great things about yourself. “Revisit what happened and really acknowledge how you felt and also how you may have internalized what happened and beat yourself up for it. Be kind and gentle with yourself and notice any residual consequences,” Kimberly Key, Ph.D. suggests. Never listen to the words coming out from the mouths of the bullies. All they want is to see you doubt yourself. As such, never give them the satisfaction of seeing you affected with their attempt to make you feel bad. What you have to do is to show them that you are strong enough to stand on your own and to ignore their words.


Keep Yourself Busy

Instead of getting into fights or arguments with the bully, the best thing to do is to find things that you are passionate about. Keep yourself busy in doing the activities that make you feel happy. If you continue to do this, there is a high chance that you will be preoccupied in doing exciting things that can improve your mood. In the long run, it will motivate you to get better until the bullies can see that you have changed into someone they were not expected to be. Find what sets your soul on fire and dedicate your time in doing them.

Connect With The Right People

Do not be afraid to build relationships or friendships with people who deserve your care and affection. Learn to determine whether a person can be trusted or not so that you can know whether it is right to connect with him. “Bullies operate by making their victims feel alone and powerless,” says Signe Whitson, LSW. She added that victims “…reclaim their power when they make and maintain connections with faithful friends and supportive adults.” The goal is to avoid toxic people at all times. Since you are already having some issues with the bullies, it is best if you will find time to be with friends who will respect you for who you are and not attempt to pressure you in becoming like them.

Get Up And Keep Moving

Whenever bullies make you feel down, the ideal thing to do is to get up and keep moving. Never let them prevent you from becoming the better version of yourself. As already mentioned above, it is crucial to show them that your life goes on even after they continue to torment you with their words and actions. Show them that you are not affected at all so that they will feel exhausted in what they are doing.


Seek Professional Help

Never underestimate the amazing things that an expert therapist can do to improve your behavioral health. Keep in mind that bullying is dangerous and it can cause a lot of damage to your ego and self-confidence. If you let the bullies get into you, they may succeed in increasing the anxiety and stress that you feel. Do not give them this power of your person. “In addition to being able to identify bullying, it is important for counselors to understand the potential short-term and long-term ramifications associated with bullying,” wrote Dr. Aida Midgett, EdD, department chair and associate professor in the Department of Counselor Education at Boise State University. Seek professional help so that you can let go of what bothers you and to ensure that a mental health professional can provide you expert advice about your case.

Take a stand against bullying. Do not allow other persons to bully you and never be the person who bullies someone else.

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