Dieting Tips To Avoid Getting Bullied Because Of Your Weight

54 million – that is the number of individuals who have signed up to a fitness center by 2014 – and perhaps to see an online therapist too. Conversely, statistics also prove that over 70 percent of the adult Americans are still overweight or obese in that same year, and this percentage will continue to grow if the people cannot find an effective way to reduce all the excess weight. “So the challenge is how to find a way to promote a healthy weight that doesn’t promote shame, self-hatred and unhealthy relationships with our bodies,” says Ruth C. White, Ph.D.

As an answer to this long-standing issue, below are a couple of unique ideas on how to lose 20 pounds within two weeks.



What Is Healthy Eating?

Healthy eating refers to an eating habit in which every meal consists of a wide range of foods that can provide the right amount of carbohydrates, protein, fat, sugar, vitamins, minerals, and water that the body requires to function correctly. For instance, if the person has a certain portion of meat, vegetables, and potatoes, bread, or rice on his or her plate, it entails that they eat healthily. However, it is the opposite if and when the person decides only to consume raw lettuce every day and nothing else. “We all have a personal responsibility to decide whether or not making “healthy” choices is important. If so, become educated, make a plan, and take action to adjust your purchasing habits and eating habits accordingly,” wrote Neil Farber, M.D., Ph.D., CLC, CPT, professor of psychology at Arizona State University.

How To Increase Metabolism?

Metabolism is a series of chemical reactions that take place within the system. It is responsible for breaking down the larger particles that go inside the body, mainly foods, into tinier molecules so that the nutrients coming from them become absorbed into the bloodstream. The metabolic process in an overweight individual is slow; that’s why the sugar and other energy-giving substances that they consume eventually turn into fats.

The only way to remedy this problem is by religiously following the diet courses written below that contain all the food varieties that, when eaten at the same time, can increase their metabolism.



Diet 1: Raw Foods And Carbohydrates

You can lose 20 pounds in two weeks with this diet because you will have to consume foodstuffs that are neither oily nor fried. The idea is that you should manage to eat any fruits and vegetables of your liking for 14 days straight to obtain the natural sugars and dietary fibers that assist in digestion. If that seems too much, you may alternate rice and soup with a low caloric level in some days.

Diet 2: Raw Vegetables And Protein-Rich Foods

It is a preferred option for the ones who feel as if their lunch or dinner is incomplete without meat.

You can shave 20 pounds off your current weight with this diet as long as the source of protein – which should weigh five to six ounces – gets grilled. The thing to keep in mind is that if you wish to reduce the fats only, you should stick to the leaner kinds of meat that can come from chicken, turkey, or fish. In case you want to turn your fats into muscles, you ought to have red meat instead.

The uncooked vegetables such as carrots and tomatoes are essential as well for reducing the weight. As mentioned above, the fibers they come with may help you metabolize food faster.



What Exercises Can Go With Your Diet Easily?

In general, the exercises that do not necessitate you to utilize different fitness equipment offer better results. Some of them include:


This activity allows the heart to pump more blood and effectively increase a person’s metabolic rate. In truth, you merely have to spend less than an hour to burn 500 calories through running. It can get accomplished in the morning or after working hours.


There are many planking types known in the fitness world that you may try depending on how adept you are at physical exercises. Considering you can hold each position between one to two minutes (or longer) while keeping your abdominal muscles tight, it can affect your weight-loss journey significantly.




A burpee is a total body workout since it enables you to use every muscle when working out. After all, to make a single count, you need to squat, jump, and do a push-up respectively.

Final Thoughts

It hurts to hear body-shaming comments from people who think they are perfect. There may be moments in which you want to commit stress-eating because of that. “Those who promote fat-shaming often appear to believe that shame is the magic ingredient that will suddenly make dieting more palatable and weight loss more sustainable. Instead, what often happens is that the sadness body shame leaves in its wake promotes behaviors like binge-eating,” professor of psychology at Northwestern University, Renee Engeln, Ph.D. explains. However, it matters to accept if you are genuinely overweight so that you can lose the extra pounds sooner than later. Not only will it make the bullies stop harassing you, but your health can also get better.

Good luck!

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