Getting Rid Of Your Bullying Habits

“I am a bully.” That’s what I realized when I attended the 2019 Bullying Prevention Event some time ago.

I merely went to that conference to avoid needing to take my final exams for my Humanities subject. I did not expect to come to that realization. But when I accepted it, I looked for ways to get rid of my bullying habits.

Here’s what I gathered.



Know All The Signs

From the get-go, you should learn about the different signs of bullying. Conduct online research or attend seminars as I have — do anything that will allow the information to sink in your brain. This way, you can no longer say that you don’t know that you are already bullying someone. 

Catch Yourself In The Act

A lot of former bullies can tell you that the urge to talk smack about someone will always be there. Though they may have pushed it at the back of their minds, it is still there. 

What often helps these people from reverting to their old ways is their self-awareness. They catch themselves as they are about to say something they cannot take back. No harm is done.



Focus On Everyone’s Positive Sides

Everyone has a perception of what’s right or wrong. The only difference between bullies and non-bullies is that the former mainly focuses on the negative things they see. They do not give the center of their judgment the benefit of the doubt.

If you want to get rid of your bullying habits, you will need to look for the positive side of the folks around you. It is okay to be aware of their adverse side—that will keep you safe from awful people—but try to see them in a better light.

Final Thoughts

A year already passed since I realized that I was a bully to my friends, siblings, and even strangers. It wasn’t my best day, but I was grateful to know about it before I could hurt someone deeply. Now, I try to see the goodness in everyone daily and use positive words when I talk to others. My resolve is still not perfect, but I believe I’m getting there.

In case you have bullying habits, I hope you overcome them soon, too. Good luck!

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