How To Emotionally Deal With Miscarriage

Pregnancy is something a woman can look forward to, and as much as possible, she will take extra care of the life inside their womb. However, there are unavoidable circumstances that can lead to pain and suffering. Thus, a person’s emotional behavior and health conditions may be put at stake.


Having a miscarriage is something that all women would never want to happen. It is a difficult situation and takes longer time to heal both physical and emotional aspects. It can create a roller coaster of emotions such as denial, sadness, depression, anger, disbelief, exhaustion, and guilt. It can sometimes make you lose hope and forget about the good things in life.

“It is often a profound experience that isn’t truly seen by society, as it is largely considered a taboo subject,” says Rayna Markin, PhD.

But how can a woman survive her emotional dilemma from a devastating incident?


Do not blame yourself

David Diamond, PhD, says, “You have a reproductive story, conscious or unconscious, and when something goes wrong with this set of expectations and ideas and dreams, you can feel like you’ve lost more than a fetus or a baby. You’ve lost part of yourself.”

Miscarriage happens because it does and nobody wants it. You might feel guilty and try to over think that you should have done something to avoid it but you have to realize that it is not your fault. The loss of your baby doesn’t define you as a mother so you should acknowledge the fact that certain things happen. You just have to let go and accept the situation even if it hurts.



Start the grieving process

Accepting that you lost your baby will help you position yourself on the positive outlook. Though the experience of healing may give you vulnerability from your disoriented thoughts, it willmake it possible for you to overcome damaging emotions. The frequent episodes of crying canhelp you process through grief at some point. Let all your sentiments out and express yourself. Be true to your pain and use it as a shield from any kind of dysfunction.


Do not distance yourself from people around you

It is understandable that you may need time to be alone.However, you should keep in mind that there are still people more than willing to care for you. You still have your partnerwho is willing to accept and love you. You need to interact with people and get every support you need while you are in the process of healing.



Look on the bright side

Pregnancy loss has nothing to do with how you lived your life. It will depend on how you will change your perspective and give meaning to the situation. Try to relive your life, change your lifestyle, look for another ambiance, and find peace within your heart. You can start changing things by focusing on taking care of yourself. Help your body gain strength and set your mind to have clearer thoughts. This way, you can easily control your emotional stress as well as avoid health complications.

“For many people, parent-hood is the most meaningful life transition that there is. If it’s not working out as planned, it’s really devastating,” Amy Wenzel, PhD, says. “Finding other things that bring meaning to their lives is really important for bringing a sense of balance.”

Every woman dreams of having a baby and pregnancy loss is something that they would never want to experience. It is difficult to move on and start a new life. However, one should always consider the fact that nature always finds its way to let us understand that human existence is vital and sometimes losing it is inevitable.

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