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Last Update: 04/24/2019 worked on putting together this Privacy Policy so that users have an idea about our

practices and content. We also want to disclose the personal information we obtain and how we use it.
Personal Data requires you to provide your first name, last name, email address, and mobile number
when you use our contact form. We also keep tabs of your internet protocol address and visits to the
site. We utilize such information for the enhancement of our website and will not be disclosed to third
parties unless the law enforcement demands it.
External Link has blogs that contain links to external sites. These are third-party websites that are not
connected to us in any way. Clicking a link will prompt your server to open a new tab and pull up
another site's page. We cannot guarantee that all the information and practices in the third party's
website are up to your standards. You agree to get redirected to their site when you click the link, and
you know that we hold zero responsibility for their policies.
Contact Form
We have a contact form in place to initiate a conversation between the users and us. You may fill it up
with your data (as mentioned above) and message. You can expect a reply to come to the email address
that you have provided.
This Privacy Policy may get modified whenever there is a brand-new service offered to

We do not send notifications when we make changes. It is advisable to visit this Privacy Policy page from
time to time to understand the new policies or practices.