The Best Therapy You Can Use While In Grief


It is normal for you to feel lonely and empty due to the painful experience of losing someone you love. Even if the heartache often makes you weak and vulnerable to emotional roller coaster, it gives you a sense of realization that life has no consistency.  So to prevent future problems concerning your deep emotional distress, it is advised that you try to consider a professional’s help (especially if you think that your mourning has taken you to the point that you cannot almost identify the realm of reality). 

In the essence of grieving, there are possible therapies that you can indeed use to deal with your emotional stressors. It will help you identify the grief-related issues that you need to address so you can normally function in daily activities. The methods in managing a treatment course are necessary so you can find the right way to properly grieve your loss while not allowing mental illness to take over.

Writing Therapy – It is a useful form of therapy that allows your brain to internalize ideas. It will help you slowly get over the traumatic experience while letting your emotions out. You can cry and feel sad about your loss. It is an adequate coping mechanism because you can thoroughly be open about yourself.

“There is a growing body of evidence that demonstrates the beneficial effects of writing. Just 20 minutes at a time over four consecutive days was associated with a decrease in health problems, such as enhancing the immune system functioning,” explains Shilagh Mirgain, PhD, psychologist at the UW Health.


Psychotherapy – The process of deep mental rejuvenation is what psychotherapy focuses. It gives you the advantage to know the kind of mental health condition you may be having and lets you work on it through psychological discussion. It aids your emotional stress as well as your mental behavior that affects your capability to cope up with your loss. It somehow resolves problems such as anxiety, depression, aggression, and sleep disorder.

Art Therapy – “Art therapy is about using creativity and art-making to help people understand themselves, find a voice, and “communicate things for which there are no words,” Girija Kaimal, EdD, MA, ATR-BC, assistant professor in the creative therapies department at Drexel University says. It’s distinct from
using art therapeutically, because art therapists are looking to meet very specific treatment goals in relation to issues such as addiction, eating disorders, depression, and anxiety.”

Using art as a form of expression is a better coping mechanism that can help you get through with the emotional dilemma you are having. It is an excellent way of encouraging yourself to focus on the positive things in life rather than allowing the distractions to harm your overall health drastically. It can also make you discover or enhance talents in composing songs, playing musical instruments, writing a poem, painting, and sculpturing.

Pet Therapy – Animal therapy is well-known to children. However, it is now widely accepted and used as a coping mechanism that guides individuals to process nurturing affection transferred in their pet. It allows unbiased support that gives a person a chance to divert their sad emotions to happy thoughts and create another relationship with beloved animals.

“Ever since, people have been turning to pets for comfort and support during periods of emotional turmoil. Hugging and speaking with a pet who won’t judge you for your feelings or thoughts is cathartic and helps people get through rough times,” Allison White, ACSW, LCSW, CCDP-D, reveals.

Support Groups – This type of therapy helps people in a lot of ways. It gives an individual a chance to understand other people’s points of view regarding death and losing a loved one. It will make them express themselves while learning new things and getting to know other people with the same experiences. They can honestly share stories and life lessons.


Losing someone can sometimes cause a person to destroy himself by doing unhelpful coping mechanisms. That is the reason why most therapists suggest that an individual should look after his health. Though the mourning process can take a while, it is certain that the main goal is still to produce a productive life after the loss. Make yourself better by clicking here.

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