The Power Of Optimism



There will come a time in our life where problems and stresses will take over our subconscious level. Since our mind occupies a lot of different things, we might be able to have complications in dealing with our stressors. However, the power of positivity can make a validation on improving a person’s relationship, career, and life as a whole.

Optimism is a choice. Since we constantly struggle with a lot of things, it becomes the only hope we can get based on how we see the world. However, to get a positive result, we must consider developing a straightforward vision.


How Positivity Helps A Person

Having positive emotions enables you to have the ability to become resilient to stress. The development of the bordering perspective will grow to a replicable experience, and the adaptation of positive reinforcement can somehow add value to the outcome. People will see things differently and picture out identifiable solutions to every problem. They don’t have room for despair and regrets. Their positivity focuses on hope rather than sorrow and happiness rather than suffering. Positivity influences one’s choices in life.

“What characterizes optimism is that it pushes a person out of mediocrity, because having an expectation of the best is energizing; it leads an individual to look for new challenges without fear of failure,” wrote Shoba Sreenivasan, Ph.D. and Linda E. Weinberger, Ph.D. “Moreover, failure itself can be reframed as successive approximations toward success.”



The Importance Of Optimism

Optimism brings out important qualities that are beneficial for the reflection of life’s circumstances. A man with a great focus on optimism always finds a way to be thankful because of his disposition changes. It gives him a moment to think about a couple of meaningful things and uses it as a shield to automatically reject the negative thoughts. He doesn’t let go of himself. He builds a foundation of attentive intuition that persistently works on overcoming frustration and negativity. It segregates realistic solutions from expectations.

The Positive Effects

Optimism is one of the greatest tools that you can use in dealing with life’s adversities. Since it proposes a practical approach, the positive effects of perseverance serve as a guide to become in control.

Love And Forgiveness Are Easy – The approach will focus on the mental capability of blocking pain and sorrow. It teaches you to put a value on small things that matter rather than concentrating on the damaged parts.

Problems Get Solved – It doesn’t allow problems to become permanent and pushes you to work on every solution. “Positive thinking does not cure everything: it is not magical. But, by embracing an optimistic point of view, on purpose, of my own volition, I avoid some of the worst consequences of a despairing outlook,” says D. B. Dillard-Wright Ph.D. It can help you make decisions based on clear thoughts and act on them based on the positive outcomes. It reminds you that you always have a choice.

Things Are Viewed Differently – Optimism helps you become more happy and satisfied. It will allow you to start valuing life as well as strengthening your faith. You will have more reasons to be thankful for and appreciative of what life has to offer. “Optimists.. see negative events as being external and unrelated to them, isolated negative incidents that have no relationship to other aspects of their lives, or things that might happen in the future,” says Susan Biali Haas M.D. She explains that optimists “…choose to see negative events as surprise circumstances that always, in retrospect, arrive with a gift hidden inside.”



Though the power of positivity requires a lot of effort and concentration, using it as an instrument for improving the quality of your life is always something that you should consider. It will not only solve minor problems, but it will also become a reflection of yourself in handling things that need your attention. From there, you’ll be able to realize that only you can have the power to change what the world can give.

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