Ways To Stop Bullying During This Pandemic

Bullying is a widespread problem, and it can take a toll on an individual’s self-confidence as well as physical and emotional aspects. In this time of the pandemic, a lot of people are suffering from bullying, especially those people that have a related Coronavirus issue. Since most individuals want to blame a specific race, the emotional, physical, and mental abuse heightens. So what do you do if ever you belong to the ones who are being bullied? Here are some ways that can help you protect yourself from harm, boost your self-confidence, and find help.


Remember That Bullying Is Not Your Fault

Honestly, there are multitudes of reasons why bullies bully other people, and these have nothing to do with you. Most likely, it has a lot to do with their personal issues. Some bullies are emotionally and mentally struggling that they often find bullying an outlet to get rid of their suffering. So if you are being bullied, always remember that it is not your fault. Do not think of yourself as a loser based on your bullies’ description of you. You will only end up viewing an inaccurate portrait of who you are. If you want to fight the negative effect of your bullies torment, you need to work on appreciating the unique qualities that can make you stand out from the crowd.


Surround Yourself With People Who Care About You

Bullies often target individuals who they know are vulnerable and alone. That is why you need to build an army and surround yourself with people that can protect and care for you. These individuals should accept you for who you are. When you are with the right set of friends, who are willing to stand up for you, bullies will have a hard time finding reasons to hurt you. It is essential that you feel safe and secured around people. It will help you maintain a better environment that can boost your self-esteem. So always remember to stick with your friends.


Ignore The Bullies And Never Associate With Them

Ignoring bullies is one of the recommended things that you should follow. It is an anti-bully tactic that works best for a lot of situations. Understand that most of the time bullies bully you because they want to get reactions. They need to validate their capabilities because they know inside them; they are incapable of a lot of things. They rely on bullying because they want to cover or hide their weaknesses. They seek attention because they do not often receive the kind that builds their emotional and mental well-being. So next time you encounter bullies, ignore them. The second you feel overwhelmed and unsafe, find a way to remove yourself from the situation. Because if they don’t receive any response, they will eventually get bored and move on.


Find Someone To Talk To And Speak Out

If you experience bullying, you need to speak out. Find the right persons to talk to if you feel unhappy, unsafe, and uncomfortable with the situation. Seek for someone who you can trust. These can be your close friends, a parent, a teacher, or a guidance counselor. You need to open up and tell them what is going on. You are not the only one coping and experiencing an unfortunate case of bullying, so you need to be brave enough to share your experience so others can know and do something about it. Always remember that there are people out there who are willing to help and support you. You need to extend an arm and reach out for their help and support.

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